I was a Stipendiary Lecturer at Queen’s College Oxford in 2020. I taught the first year undergraduates Linear Algebra and Group Theory.

During my PhD studies I have been teaching assistant for the following University of Oxford undergraduate courses:

I have also taught an introductory graduate course to visiting Stanford University students:


Computational Exercises

Whilst teaching the Computational Algebraic Topology course I created a notebook of Computational Topology Exercises using Google’s Colaboratory. I found Google Colaboratory very convenient when teaching since students do not need to install software on their local machines which can be problematic in practical teaching sessions. (To make the code run faster go to Edit > Notebook_settings and select a GPU as your Hardware Accelerator).

The exercise solutions can be found here.

Reading Group

In the academic year 2018/2019 I ran a reading group in Topological Data Analysis in which we presented and discussed papers from the literature each week:

Michaelmas Term 2018

Hilary Term 2019